Upgrading to PRO membership makes Qovo more comfortable and useful.
Backup & Share Your Assets
You are able to use 2GB storage per project for backup and sharing your project file.
Simple Upload
Drag&drop your local files/folders.
*Some browsers do not support this feature.
Auto Zipping
Uploading files/folders can be zipped automatically.
Share With Anyone
Each uploaded file has the unique download link, and anyone with the link can download it.
Sync Google Calendar
You can sync your Qovo calendar with a Google Calendar.
Task Friendly
Task Coloring
Color your tasks.
Gather bundle of tasks.
Task Template
Create templates of your typical task and share them.
Quality Increase
All uploaded images/videos are increased in quality, and an image keeps its file format.
*Accepted formats: JPEG/GIF/PNG
Records Control
PRO membership provides an easier way to see/edit your track records.
Result Calendar View
You can see/add a track records on the calendar page.
Modify Recode Data
Posted data can be modified on the record page.
Find More Insights
Task Time
Task time chart presents the ratio of actual time spent on tasks you do/did.
Work Time
Work time chart presents your daily work time.
Image compression
Keep original format and quality
*up to 2000 x 2000px
Converting to low quality JPEG
Time lapse compression
High quality
Up to 1500 x 1500px
Middle quality
Up to 1000 x 1000px
Movie compression
High quality
Low quality
Movie recording capacity
Up to 60sec
Up to 20sec
Screen sharing quality (on Qoty)
High quality
Low quality
Visual reports
Burndown chart
Word report
Task time
Work time
Burndown chart
Word report
*filtering are disabled
File storage
Google Calendar sync
10,000 characters/day
200 characters/day
Results calendar view
Modify recording data
Create and share task templates
Change tasks into a template
Task coloring
Create subtask
Contains ads
Please read the following subscription rule before upgrading
  • Subscription is in available for a month after payment.
  • Your next payment will be automatically deducted on end of previous subscription from the payment method you provided.
  • Even if you cancel subscription, your PRO membership does not expire until the end of current subscription.
  • File storage does not guarantee indefinite storing, but contract term.
  • We do not refund after payment.