Qovo, Your Attentive Secretary
The web-based project management tool for personal and business use.
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Record AnythingWithout Annoying
You can keep track of actual time spent on your works, and record its progress in various ways.
Time Record
Click the start/stop button to record your work time.
Media Files Upload
Take a picture and shoot a movie without a specific software. Certainly, directly upload is also possible.
MP4 / MPEG / WEBM / AVI etc.
WAV / MP3 / MP4 / OGG etc.
Time lapse
For recording a long term working, Qovo can make a time lapse movie.
Writing Analysis
For a writing work, Qovo can analysis and record a summary of your writings.
Take Control Of Your Project
Qovo provides the way to take control of your own/your team.
Kanban method is the way you manage to-dos. Each tasks can be changed status by translocating position, TODO, DOING and DONE.
Guntt chart
Guntt chart is the most popular and useful ways of showing tasks displayed against time. You can drag them to change their time range.
Pomodoro technique
Qovo supports the Pomodoro technique, a time management method to concentrate your tasks.
Take A Look Your Schedule
You can create/share calendars to take a look everyday events.
Create Calandars
You can create as many calendars as you like, can contain three types of elements below.
For non-recurrent works, such as an appointment or a ceremony.
For recurrent works, such as 'have a lunch,' 'go to the gym' or 'daily meeting.'
For what you should to do.
Share Calendar With Friends
You can share your calendar with your family, friends or team members. Shared calendar can be created/edited events on by members.
Share Calendar With The Internet
If you are a planner or an organizer, publish your calendar on Qovo. It allows anyone to see the schedule of your event.
Easily Find Insights
Qovo analyzes your project by using entered plans and actuals, and output insights.
Burndown chart
Burndown chart presents two indexes, how many tasks you should to do and how many tasks you did.
Task timePRO
Task time presents the ratio of actual time spent on tasks you do/did.
Qovo send a daily status report to you and members for each projects, with progression rate.
Backup & Share Your AssetsPRO
As upgrading PRO membership, you are able to use 2GB storage per project.
Simple Upload
Drag&drop your local files/folders.
Auto Zipping
Uploading files/folders can be zipped automatically.
Share With Non-Qovo Users
Each uploaded file has the unique download link, and anyone with the link can download it.
Share Works In Progress
Qovo works with Qoty, the making sharing service, that allows you to share your works in progress.